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Regular 20th General Assembly : additional documents
Article published on 21 January 2016
last modification on 22 January 2016

by Patricia

The OMSZ will host the 20th regular General Assembly in Budapest from Tuesday 9 February 2016 at 14:00 until Wednesday 10 February noon.
Practical information (registration, accommodation) is to be found in Patricia email from Janaury 7. The preparatory documents have be sent in two messages on January 20.

Some additional documents are to big to be sent by email. A link was provided in Piet’s email (January 22) that allows to download all the documents in a single file or just a selection (maps, technical information on the configurations, cross-table of the domains of the ALADIN operational configurations and the national territories).

 Global maps with operational configurations in ALADIN and HIRLAM

Configurations with/without Data Assimilation
Model configurations

More details on the ALADIN/HIRLAM operational configurations can be found on the dedicated page on this site.


updated on January 21st 2016 : operational configurations run by each NMS, in blue when DA, in red when not

Algeria Austria
Belgium Bulgaria ->meshtml/coordoper/autom/BG.png]
Croatia CzechR
France Hungary
Morocco Poland
Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia
Tunisia Turkey