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Cooperation agreement between Météo-France and ECMWF
Article published on 16 December 1998
last modification on 12 December 2016

by Patricia

An agreement between ECMWF and MÉTÉO-FRANCE for the access and use of the jointly developed and maintened NWP software "IFS/ARPEGE" was signed in 1998.
The reference to this software agreement between ECMWF and Météo-France grants to ALADIN Partners access to the necessary parts of the IFS code for their limited area NWP work.

In September 2016, this agreement was amended to take into account the HIRLAM Partners, the convergence process of the ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia, and to update the lists of software codes in annexes.

ECMWF-MF agreement (1999, amended 2006) 81.3 kb / PDF

ECMWF-MF agreement (September 2016) 133.4 kb / PDF