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Article published on 19 June 2007

by Patricia

The home page of this site presents

  • an editorial
  • the last articles published (center part).
  • the last news item (left part) : to complete the articles, SPIP includes a system of news items for the publication of short stories such as a press revue (or a web revue).

On the home page as well as in all others, one may find :

  • a menu (right part) to navigate through the sections/sub-sections
  • a top and a bottom menus with access to :
    • the site map presents all (sub-)sections by alphabetical order, the articles being ordered also by alphabetical order within a same (sub-)section.
    • the calendar of articles publication ("Summary" in the top menu)
    • the search engine based on a word indexing system : it is available in the header of all pages ("search"). The results of the search engine is :
      • sections or sub-sections that contain the searched word
      • articles that contain the searched word
      • joined documents (.pdf, .ps, ...) that contain the searched word
      • a possibility to search also the requested word in html pages outsite SPIP
    • possibility of syndication for each section, sub-section, article, ...
    • a private area for
      • administrators who manage, among other things, the site structure and the validation of articles
      • editors who submit articles.
  • SPIP includes a forums system, forums can be associated with articles (one forum per article), sections or news items : this option is temporiraly unavailable due to spam problems.