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Use of the 2D structure of GOM-arrays for the assimilation of radar reflectivities in the AROME model at Météo-France, April 2012 (Variational)

Thursday 13 December 2012
Use of the 2D structure of GOM-arrays for the assimilation of radar reflectivities in the AROME model at Météo-France by Eric Wattrelot : A 1D method to get relative humidity retrievals from radar reflectivities : why and how ? Dataflow of the 2D-GOM and specific points linked to radar (...)

Variational diagnotic analysis (2006) (Variational)

Thursday 9 March 2006 by Ludovic Auger
A variational diagnostic analysis tool has been developed for diagnostic purposes. This tool will be the successor of "diagpack" for nowcasting issues. It is inspired by the concept of diagnostic analysis which has been the central concept for the development of diagpack. From the technical (...)

Preliminary experiments towards the pre-operational ALADIN 3DVar (2005) (Variational)

Thursday 24 February 2005
This report was published by Thibaut Montmerle, Claude Fisher and Loïk Berre on February 2005. It presents the aim, strategy and first results for the implementation of an operational variational data assimilation systelm in the ALADIN/France model. Starting from the experience gathered over (...)

ALADIN documentation / 3DVAR aspects, 2007 updated (Variational)

November 2002
This note gives a detailed description of the algorithmic part, for the benefit of phasing, remote installations and development. A theoretical overview is recalled for completeness with the technical section. A "User’s guide" is added for the general users of 3dvar. Formalism of incremental (...)

4D-VAR script documentation (2002, in French) (Variational)

July 2002
This 4D-Var documentation was written in July 2002 by Gérald Desroziers et Pascale Riber. It is in French. Guide d’utilisation Installation du script Définition et lancement d’une expérience Formalisme général Assimilation 4D-Var Assimilation 3D-Var FGAT Structure du script Arbre des appels (...)

2000 - Realization of a simplified, differentiable and realistic physical parametrization for incremental four-dimensional variational data assimilation (Variational)

June 2000
A complete set of the simplified physical parametrizations has been developed for incremental 4D-Var assimilation system. It contains a simplified computation of radiative fluxes, vertical turbulent diffusion, orographic gravity waves, deep convection and stratiform precipitation fluxes. The (...)

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