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ALATNET 3rd Training Course : on-line presentations
Article published on June 2002
last modification on 13 December 2005

 Numerical analysis and selected lectures, presentations by Joze Rakovec and Thomaz Vrhovec
 Systems of equations, by Petra Smolikova
 Space discretization methods, by Petra Smolikova
 Time discretization, by Petra Smolikova
 Advection treatment, by Petra Smolikova with annex : "Orographic resonance" by Petra Smolikova and "Choices in the dynamics" by Jean-François Geleyn
 Numerical filters : generalities and the specific LAM coupling problem seen as a filter, by Piet Termonia
 Variational calculus and minimization, by Yves Bouteloup

For more information about this training course, please consult the webpage of the seminar on the alatnet site.