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EPYGRAM tool (February 2020) (Files and data)

Monday 10 February 2020 by Patricia
The epygram library package is a set of Python classes and functions designed to handle meteorological fields in Python, as well as interfacing their storage in various usual (or not) data formats. The purpose of the library is to provide user-friendly interfaces to formats of data resources (...)


Tuesday 12 February 2019 by Karim Yessad
Sommaire Abstract RESUME Contents This documentation gives an overview of the IO (file reading and writing) done in the most usual configurations. This is not a technical documentation about IO but rather a documentation describing entries to IO routines. It is (...)

ARPEGE/ALADIN/AROME IO : technical aspects (cycle 39t1, May 2013) (Files and data)

Thursday 23 May 2013 by Patricia
This document by Philippe Marguinaud describes the IO subsystem of ARPEGE/ALADIN/AROME for cycle 39t1. Only historic data IO is covered here, with a few words on Fullpos IO. Contents : Organization of the code Field descriptors IO buffers Extracting/loading fields MFIOOPTS Code cleaning (...)

ODB documentation (ODB : Observational DataBase)

Thursday 24 January 2013
An internal (IFS/ARPEGE/LAM) documentation of ODB has been written by the ECMWF (contact at ECMWF : Anne Fouilloux) and is available on the "partners part" of the aladin website (

FA API package (Mar 2010) (Files and data)

Tuesday 30 March 2010 by Patricia
The FA API is a higher level application programming interface providing an easy access to FA file format. The fa_api is a wrapper library that integrates several IFS/Arpege auxiliary libraries (fa, lfi, eggx, etc.) and provides unified and easy to use interface for manipulating FA files. The (...)

Internal structure of FA and LFI files (October 2006) (Files and data)

Tuesday 24 March 2009 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
This article has been moved on the aladin website on the "Partners only" part. Please use : Connect as "Partners" and consult, under "Partners only", the "internal documentation" section.

DOMOLALO : create a domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution (PINUTS)

Thursday 11 September 2008 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
domolalo : one of the pinuts tool to create domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution. The created domain contains the "latlon" domain referenced by South,Nort latitudes and East,West longitudes. Link to DOMOLALO documentation VERSION 2008.0911 (by J-D (...)

ECTO or ECTPplasme: to compute spectral energy on ellipses (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
Ectoplasm program permits you to compute spectral energy on ellipses referenced by integer ( between 0 to NMSMAX ) for spectral fields of Aladin files. Link to ECTO Documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/01 (by Jean-Daniel GRIL) For details on the algorithms of ECTOPLASM (routines ELIPS_NRJ, (...)

SUBDO : to make aladin SUBDOmains (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
For a given projection on a reference domain, SUBDO can create another domains : on the same grid or not inside the reference domain or not. Link to DOMAIN_MOD Documentation (used in SUBDO, VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/08(by Jean-Daniel GRIL). For details on the algorithms of SUBDO, see the joined (...)

MAKDO : to MAKe geographical aladin DOmains (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 8 March 2007
MAKDO permits you to design from scratch an ALADIN domain. Link to MAKDO Documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/08 (by Jean-Daniel GRIL) For algorithm details on MAKDO, see the joined file.

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