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EPYGRAM tool (February 2020)
Article published on 10 February 2020
last modification on 16 November 2023

by Patricia

The epygram library package is a set of Python classes and functions designed to handle meteorological fields in Python, as well as interfacing their storage in various usual (or not) data formats.

The purpose of the library is to provide user-friendly interfaces to formats of data resources as FA, LFI, LFA (Meteo-France historical formats), GRIB/1-2 (...) and handy classes for manipulating meteorological fields, whatever their geometry is.

Therefore, it has been conceived basically for people who need to process data from Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) or Climate Modelisation, whatever they need to do with, as soon as they build their application in Python.

=> the EPYGRAM1.4.16 documentation, November 2023

Former versions :

(see also the presentation by Alexandre Mary at the ALADIN-HIRLAM annual Wk, Lisbon, April 2016.