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ALADIN maintenance and phasing training course : on-line presentations
Article published on December 2002
last modification on 13 December 2005

 Configuration e923, Neva Pristov
 Canari : code description, algorithms and data flow, Cornel Soci
 ODB management in ALADIN, Sandor Kertez
 3d-var ALADIN, Claude Fischer
 New geometry setup for ALADIN and FULLPOS, Martin Janousek
 Introduction to the architecture of the code ARPEGE/ALADIN in cycle 25T1, Ryad El Khatib
 Data flows in the direct model, Ryad El Khatib
 Coding rules in ARPEGE/ALADIN, Ryad El Khatib
 From source code management to binaries production, Ryad El Khatib
 Source code management tools for ALADIN, Martin Janousek
 Parallel code and corresponding data structure, Gabor Radnoti
 Transformation package TAL, Gabor Radnoti
 Short introduction to OpenMP, Jure Jerman
 Debugging and Profiling, Jure Jerman
 Phasing in Toulouse & process of validation, Claude Fischer
 Validations : the case of Full-Pos, Ryad El Khatib
 From individual scripts to the operational suite, Martin Janousek