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Canari : code description - algorithms and data flow (presentation, 2002)
Article published on December 2002
last modification on 21 June 2007

CANARI est the acronym of :

  • Code d’Analyse Nécessaire àArpege pour ses Rejets et son Initialisation
  • Code for the Analysis Necessary for Arpege for its Rejects and its Initiamization

CANARI is a software which performs an optimum interpolation analysis for any variable of the meteorological forecast model ARPEGE/ALADIN.

In November 2002, during the 1st ALADIN maintenance and phasing workshop in Budapest, Cornel Soci presented (see the attached .pdf file): "Canari : code description - algorithms and data flow" :

  • Goal of an O.I.
  • Problems and Formulation
  • Specifications
  • Basic hypothesis
  • Observations and Selection of observations
  • Quality Control of the observations
  • Data flow
  • Initialisation and control
  • Calling tree
  • The Quality Control of the obs
  • Analysis

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