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ALATNET 1st Training Course : on-line presentations
Article published on 26 June 2000
last modification on 13 December 2005

 Soil and land cover characteristics, Eric Bazile
 Surface parametrization, Eric Bazile


 Links between high resolution modelling and data assimilation by Loïk Berre
 Geometry and spectral representation of the fields by Mark Zagar
 3-Time-Level semi-Lagrangian by Ilian Gospodinov
 2-Time-Level semi-Lagrangian by Ilian Gospodinov
 the S.I. system in primitive equations by Pierre Bénard
 Eulerian formulation : stability and properties by Pierre Bénard
 the S.I.S.L. orographic problem and some solutions by Pierre Bénard
 the top and bottom boundary conditions by Pierre Bénard
 an example of hybrid problem : "fibrillation" by Pierre Bénard
 the Dynamics of ARPEGE/ALADIN Hydrostatic Primitive-Equations system by Pierre Bénard
 Relaxing the thin layer hypothesis by Jean-François Geleyn