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2001 - ALATNET Seminar on Data Assimilation

The 2nd ALATNET training course on Data Assimilation took place in Gourdon (Fr) on June 11-22, 2001.

  • 51 people attended the two week Seminar (participants came from 16 countries, 47% from European Union countries).
  • 3 out of the 4 European Working Groups on Local Area Modelling were represented (ALADIN, HIRLAM and UM).
  • 10 teachers (coming from 7 countries including all ALATNET centers)
    gave 37 hours main lectures (commun lectures for all students)
    and 29 hours of PAT (practical advenced tutorial that took place partly in parallel sessions) : Optimal estimation in meteorology, Observations characteristic, pre-treatment and use, High resolution / LAM / Optimal Interpolation, Variational : incremental, minimization, quasi-continu, TL/AD techniques, Structure functions, Initialization, ...
  • Nearly 60% of the ALADIN participants were supported by ALATNET (ALATNET was supported by the TMR/IHP Programme of the European Community).

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