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The LFI file access library (2002)
Article published on June 2002
last modification on 3 November 2005

The LFI library is used to manipulate direct-access model files at Météo-France. It is currently used for the native files of Arpège, Aladin and Méso-NH models, and for Arpège/Aladin ancillary files (climatologies, postprocessing, Aladin coupling). Arpège/Aladin use an overlayer of LFI called the FA (Fichier Arpège) interface. Méso-NH packages LFI files with ascii files using the cpio Unix command to create FM (Fichier Méso-NH) files.

In the Arpège/IFS environment, the LFI library source code is held in directory lfi/ of the auxiliary library (ClearCase project xrd).

This documentation written by François Bouttier and Jean Clochard was
revised in June 2002 on cycle 24t1. It only describes LFI subroutines for common use :

  • Basic routines
  • Informative subroutines
  • Sequential file access
  • Miscellaneous
  • Tuning verbosity and error handling
  • Error codes