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AROME physics (presentation, March 2008)
Article published on 31 March 2008

by Patricia

Presentation of Sylvie Malardel during the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008 : "Subgrid mixing in Arome and links with the cloud
representation and the microphysics".

  • What about mixing in a model with a 2.5 km resolution ?
    • Mean mixing
    • Subgrid mixings
    • Diffusive turbulent mixing
    • Turbulent mixing in stable layer : GABLS1 case
    • Tuning of the Arome ED TKE scheme
    • Convective updraft mixing
    • Mass flux schemes
  • What about cloud and precipitations in a model with a 2.5 km
    resolution ?
    • The mean cloudy variables in Arome
    • The uniform cloud scheme
    • A Shallow convective day
    • A uniform microphysics of the precipitation