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NH Newsletters
Article published on 18 August 2014

by Pierre Bénard

Renewal of the NH newsletter

  • News about NH dynamical core in ARPEGE/IFS and AROME since 2008 are provided through "new" series of NH Newsletters :
    • their diffusion is essentially internal (not institutional);
    • contributions for next releases are welcome;
    • consequently, the tune is free (positive and negative statements are welcome, respecting a good balance).
  • List of the new series of NH Newsletters :

The scope of the former newsletters was slightly different :

  • a short and informal vector for sharing and exchanging
    information about the developments and projects about the NH version
    of the IFS/ARPEGE/ALADIN system, between the four entities involved
    in the project, that is, ALADIN, HIRLAM, ECMWF, and Météo-France.
  • list of the old series of NH Newsletters :

NH Newsletter - No. 00 139 KiB / PDF

NH Newsletter - No. 01 149.9 KiB / PDF

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