Tile Lakes

Surface fluxes over ocean and sea can be parameterized using either simple or more elaborated parameterisations :

Simple parameterizations :

  • All prognostic variables are kept constant and the roughness lentgh is given by the Charnocks formula.
  • If the surface temperature is below 271.15 K, the water is assumed to be covered by ice. Flux claculations are performed using the roughness lenght of flat snow surfaces, the sea-ice albedo is assumed to be equal to the fresh snow albedo.

FLake model

  • The FLake model can be used within SURFEX. FLake is a freshwater lake model capable of predicting the vertical temperature structure and mixing conditions in lakes of various depth on time scales from a few hours to many years. The model is intended for use as a lake parameterisation scheme in numerical weather prediction, climate modelling, and other numerical prediction systems for environmental applications. FLake can also be used as a stand-alone lake model, as a physical module in models of aquatic ecosystems, and as an educational tool.
  • More details on the FLake web site