This section regroups summaries of meetings related to the management of Surfex

Surfex Steering committee

The Surfex Steering committee is composed of representatives of CNRM/GMME, CNRM/GMAP, CNRM/GMGEC, CNRM/CEN, ACCORD and Meso-NH. It agrees

  1. the priorities for the technical evolution of the code, especially in view of adaptation to (massively) parallel machines, and inclusion into the atmospheric models of the ARPEGE/IFS/ACCORD family and Meso-NH
  2. the list of new submodels and modifications to the existing submodels, provided by SURFEX users, that will enter in the SURFEX code repository and become part of the mainstream code; similarly, the list of physiography datasets allowed.
  3. an outline of the major maintenance steps that will take place within about the upcoming year

Internal CNRM meetings

They are organized regularly (2/year)

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