Tile Sea and Ocean

Surface fluxes over ocean and sea can be parameterized using either simple or more elaborated parameterisations :

Simple parameterizations :

  • All prognostic variables are kept constant and the roughness lentgh is given by the Charnock’s formula.
  • If the surface temperature is below 271.15 K, the water is assumed to be covered by sea ice. Flux claculations are performed using the roughness lenght of flat snow surfaces, the sea-ice albedo is assumed to be equal to the fresh snow albedo.

Iterative calculation of surface fluxes

  • Several parameterization for surface fluxes are available. They are based on past experimental campaigns and take into account the effect of atmospheric convection, precipitation and gustiness on fluxes.

1D oceanic mixing layer model

  • The 1D model includes a prognostic equation for the turbulent kinetic energy (e) with a 1.5 order closure. The other prognostic variables are the temperature (T), the salinity (S), and the current [U = (u, v)].
    The 1D oceanic model allows to have variable surface variables.