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ISBA (Interaction Sol-Biosphère-Atmosphère) is a land surface model interfaced with atmospheric and hydrological models. ISBA is developed by CNRM-GAME in collaboration with various research teams.

ISBA includes several modules simulating transfers of heat, water, carbon and other components in the soil, vegetation, snow. It has many options for each of the submodels.

Soil submodel :

  • Force restore, two soil layers (temperature, water and ice)
  • Force restore, three soil layers (temperature, water and ice)
  • Multilayer soil (temperature, water and ice)

Vegetation submodel :

  • Noilhan and Planton (1989) Jarvis options
  • A-gs, photosynthesis and CO2 fluxes
  • A-gs, photosynthesis, CO2 fluxes and interactive vegetation

Hydrology submodel :

  1. No subgrid hydrology
  2. subgrid surface runoff
  3. subgrid drainage

Snow submodels :

  • 1 layer, variable albedo and density (Douville et al., 1995, Bazile)
  • 3 layers, Explicit Snow, intermediate complexity, albedo, density, liquid water (Boone et Etchevers, 2002)
  • multilayer detailed snow model CROCUS

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