• TOPODYN can now be coupled not only with ISBA-3L but also with ISBA-DIF
  • several patches can now be considered in TOPMODEL, instead of only one before

These developments are finished and based on revision 1214 of trunk SVN for SURFEX V7_3, present in branch isbatop_df_Npatches.

They were already tested on test case Boucoiran and also on real cases.

B. Vincendon will merge these developments with SURFEX V8.

To be noted that, during this step of merging, it will be requested to add the new options for TOPMODEL in the base of automatic tests (named STRATO), so that they can be tested during the run of STRATO (TOPMODEL is tested in the section CAS_PART of STRATO).

This contribution concerns a very specific feature of the SURFEX code (coupling with TOPMODEL). So, it will be counted among the intermediate mergings (between the transverse and the automatic ones).

The schedule for it will be established functions of the other intermediate mergings, once they will be defined.