branch MEB_DEV2 from MOANA & SMHI


An energy budget is explicitly taken into account for the vegetation.

This development is finished and a lot of tests were already done by A. Boone and P. Samuelsson, but for more validation, the tests will continue until February 2014.

MEB will be merged in SURFEX V8 by B. Decharme after its CNRM_CM6_DEV contribution. This work could be finished around the end of March or during April 2014.

March will be dedicated to the ending debugging, and other people will help with it:

  • Aaron for MEB
  • Eric Brun for MEB + Snow
  • Stéphane Sénési for GELATO 1D
  • Christine & Roland for Landuse and dynamic vegetation
  • Patrick Le Moigne for FLAKE

New test cases should also be defined for the base of automatic tests (STRATO).