3.2.1. Forcing format in ASCII and binary cases

There are:

  • one ASCII/binary file by atmospheric parameter beginning by Forc_..
  • one ASCII configuration file named Params_config.txt

The forcing parameters are:

  • Atmospheric temperature: Forc_TA.txt / Forc_TA.bin (K)
  • Atmospheric humidity: Forc_QA.txt / Forc_QA.bin (kg/kg)
  • Atmospheric pression: Forc_PS.txt / Forc_PS.bin (Pa)
  • Rain : Forc_RAIN.txt / Forc_RAIN.bin (kg/m2/s)
  • Snow precipitation: Forc_SNOW.txt / Forc_SNOW.bin (kg/m2/s)
  • Wind speed: Forc_WIND.txt / Forc_WIND.bin (m/s)
  • Wind direction: Forc_DIR.txt / Forc_DIR.bin (degrees from N, clockwise)
  • Long-wave radiation: Forc_LW.txt / Forc_LW.bin (W/m2)
  • direct short-wave radiation: Forc_DIR_SW.txt / Forc_DIR_SW.bin (W/m2)
  • diffuse short-wave radiation: Forc_SCA_SW.txt / Forc_SCA_SW.bin (W/m2)
  • near surface CO2 concentration: Forc_CO2.txt / Forc_CO2.bin (kg/m3)

The Forc_... files contain a line by forcing time step. This line contains the value of the forcing parameters for each point of the user domain.

The Params_config.txt file contain following information:

  • Y/N (only in binary case) to specify if the forcing data must be swapped
  • number of points
  • number of forcing time steps during the run
  • forcing time step (seconds)
  • year
  • month
  • day
  • hour (seconds)
  • longitude for each point of the domain (degrees)
  • latitude for each point of the domain (degrees)
  • altitude of each point of the domain (m)
  • height of temperature forcing for each point of the domain (m)
  • height of wind forcing for each point of the domain (m)