3.2.4. installation of an experiment

Go to $SRC_SURFEX/src and type:

. ../conf/profile_surfex-LXgfortran-SURFEX-V7-FORC-MPIAUTO-DEBUG
make user

This compile the additional fortran code needed to install a predefined experiment.

Then, go to $SRC_SURFEX/MY_RUN/FORCING and launch:

./prepare_forcing.bash giving the experiment name as argument.

If you want to create a new experiment named for example 'MYTEST', you'll have to modify $SRC_SURFEX/src/FORC/my_forcing.f90 program in order to refer to the new subroutine that you'll have created and that must be named my_forc_mytest.f90 and stored in $SRC_SURFEX/src/FORC. You simply have to add few lines in my_forcing.f90 program:

CASE ('MYTEST      ')
                        KYEAR,KMONTH,KDAY,PTIME,                   &
                        PLON, PLAT, PZS, PZREF, PUREF,             &
                        PTA, PQA, PPS, PWINDSPEED, PWINDDIR,       &
                        PDIR_SW, PSCA_SW, PLW, PRAIN, PSNOW, PCO2  )

Then copy my_forc_hapex.f90 into my_forc_mytest.f90, replace HAPEX by MYTEST, refer to the correct input file and adapt the reading sequence.

Create $SRC_SURFEX/MY_RUN/NAMELIST/mytest and namelist MY_PARAM.nam and OPTIONS.nam inside this directory.

When this is done:

  • go to $SRC_SURFEX/src and run make user
  • go to $SRC_SURFEX/MY_RUN/FORCING and run prepare_forcing.bash mytest