4.1.3. Namelist NAM_DATA_TSZ0

Treats TG and WG gradients as forcing variables. For that purpose, values of gradients at each time of a day are required and namelist NAM_DATA_TSZ0 should be filled.

Fortran name Fortran type values default description unit
NTIME integer 1, 25 25 number of times in a day (-)
XUNIF_DTS real(NTIME) -0.250 temperature gradient K
XUNIF_DHUGRD real 0.0 fraction

  • NTIME: number of subdivisions of a day to apply forcing gradients.
  • XUNIF_DTS: values of temperature gradient for each time of a day
  • XUNIF_DHUGRD: values of humidity gradient for each time of a day