Namelist NAM_COVER

This namelist gives the information to compute the surface cover fractions when ECOCLIMAP is used.
It is possible to use an existing ECOCLIMAP map or the define the ECOCLIMAP covers for the user's domain.

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
XUNIF_COVER array of 573 reals >= 0. and
i=1,573 XUNIF_COVER(i) = 1
YCOVER character (LEN=28) ' '
XRM_COVER real >= 0. 10-6
XRM_COAST real >=0. 1.
XRM_LAKE real >=0. 0.
XRM_SEA real >=0. 0.
LORCA_GRID logical F
XLAT_ANT real -77.
LIMP_COVER logical F
LRM_RIVER logical F

  • XUNIF_COVER : specified values for uniform cover fractions. For each index i between 1 and 573, XUNIF_COVER(i) is the fraction of the ith ecosystem of ecoclimap. The same fraction of each ecosystem is set to all points of the grid. The sum of all ecosystem fractions must be equal to one : ∑i=1,573 XUNIF_COVER(i) = 1.
    If XUNIF_COVER is set, it has priority on the use of an ecosystem file (see next item: YCOVER). In the case of grid without any reference to geographical coordinates ("CARTESIAN " or "NONE "), XUNIF_COVER must be set.
  • YCOVER: ecoclimap data file name. It is used only if XUNIF_COVER is not set.
  • XRM_COVER: for each point, all fractions of ecosystems that are below XRM_COVER are removed (i.e. set to zero), and the corresponding area fractions are distributed among the remaining ecosystem fractions. Whatever the value of XRM_COVER, at least one ecosystem remains for each grid point.
  • XRM_COAST: limit of coast coverage under which the coast is replaced by sea or inland water.
  • XRM_LAKE: limit of inland lake coverage under which the water is removed.
  • XRM_SEA: limit of sea coverage under which the sea is removed.
  • LORCA_GRID: flag to ensure the compatibility between surfex and Orca grid which minimal latitude over Antarctica is 77S
  • XLAT_ANT: minimum Orca grid latitude over Antarctica
  • LIMP_COVER: reads the cover fractions in an existing PGD file to avoid their computation
  • LRM_RIVER: if .TRUE., rivers (cover 3) are removed.