Namelist NAM_IGN

This namelist defines the projection in case CGRID="IGN "

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
CLAMBERT character (len=3) 'L1 ', 'L2 ', 'L3 ', 'L4 ', 'L2E', 'L93' none
NPOINTS integer none
XX real none
XY real none
XDX real none
XDY real none
XCELLSIZE real 1.E+20
XX_LLCORNER real 1.E+20
XY_LLCORNER real 1.E+20
NCOLS integer 0
NROWS integer 0
  • CLAMBERT: type of Lambert prjection
    • "L1 " : Lambert I
    • "L2 " : Lambert II
    • "L3 " : Lambert III
    • "L4 " : Lambert IV
    • "L2E" : Extended Lambert II
    • "L93" : Lambert 93
  • NPOINTS: number of grid points defining the grid
  • XX: X coordinate of grid mesh center
  • YY: Y coordinate of grid mesh center
  • XDX: grid mesh size on the conformal plane in x direction (real, meters).
  • XDY: grid mesh size on the conformal plane in y direction (real, meters).
  • XCELLSIZE: size of the cell (equal in X and Y). Has priority on XDX and XDY.
  • XX_LLCORNER: X coordinate of left side of the domain.
  • XY_LLCORNER: Y coordinate of lower side of the domain.
  • NCOLS : number of columns.
  • NROWS: number of rows.
    The simultaneous use of XX_LLCORNER, XY_LLCORNER, NCOLS and NROWS has priority of this of NPOINTS, XX and YY (it simplifies the namelist in case of a regular grid).