This namelist defines the projection in case CGRID="CONF PROJ "

Fortran name Fortran type default value
XLAT0 real none
XLON0 real none
XRPK real none
XBETA real none

  • XLAT0: reference latitude for conformal projection (real, decimal degrees)
  • XLON0: reference longitude for conformal projection (real, decimal degrees)
  • XRPK: cone factor for the projection (real):
    • XRPK=1: polar stereographic projection from north pole
    • 1>XRPK>0: Lambert projection from south pole
    • XRPK=0: Mercator projection from earth center
    • -1<XRPK<0: Lambert projection from north pole
    • XRPK=-1: polar stereographic projection from south pole
  • XBETA: rotation angle of the simulation domain around the reference longitude (real)