12.1. Namelist NAM_SFX_LAND_CPL

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
XTSTEP_CPL_LAND real   -1.0
CRUNOFF character(8)   ""
CDRAIN character(8)   ""
CCALVING character(8)   ""
CRECHARGE character(8)   ""
CWTD character(8)   ""
CFWTD character(8)   ""
CFFLOOD character(8)   ""
CPIFLOOD character(8)   ""
CSRCFLOOD character(8)   ""
  • XTSTEP_CPL_LAND: Coupling time step for land
  • CRUNOFF: Name of Surface runoff variable from SFX to TRIP
  • CDRAIN: Name of Deep drainage variable from SFX to TRIP
  • CCALVING: Name of Calving flux variable from SFX to TRIP
  • CRECHARGE: Name of groundwater recharge variable from SFX to TRIP
  • CWTD: water table depth from SFX to TRIP
  • CFWTD: grid-cell fraction of water table rise from SFX to TRIP
  • CFFLOOD: Name of Floodplains recipitation interception variable from SFX to TRIP
  • CPIFLOOD: Flood potential infiltration from SFX to TRIP
  • CSRCFLOOD: Floodplains freshwater flux froM SFX to TRIP