7. One means to analyse results (proposition)

One means to analyse results is to :

  • first, see which test cases finished anormally, through the PLANTE_....txt files.
  • second, identify the test cases that give different results results, through the SYNN file, and go to the RPT corresponding files to get more details about the differences.
  • Have a look at the NCH file to detect possible peculiarities in the counts of output fields.

In the case of test cases not finishing normally or giving different results, it is greatly useful to launch again only the focused problematic test case. That’s why namelists for all test cases are saved, gradually, in the run directory, under the names :

OPTIONS.nam_[name of the test case]

=> You can then copy the namelist of the case you want to re-run in OPTIONS.nam, and launch manually the executables of one or the other versions of the SURFEX code.

Any change justified by scientific or technical reason must be reported and enter the version documentation on the surfex-lab site.

NB: if you want to run only one of the scripts called by script_all.sh, you can do it like that:
./script_isba.sh "/home/faroux/EXPORT_v7_3_0/MY_RUN/KTEST/test" "_netcdf" "_trunk"
for example, tu run scipt_isba.sh in directory /home/faroux/EXPORT_v7_3_0/MY_RUN/KTEST/test with SURFEX versions ..._netcdf and ..._trunk.