This file contains the information related to physiography and orography read from PGD.txt file and rewritten, as well as initial values of prognostic variables of the different schemes contained in SURFEX.

&NATURE TG1            
X_Y_TG1 (K)                                      
  2.8576409563069382E+02   2.8548082006251650E+02   2.8540527530138650E+02   2.8546873415878122E+02 ...

For example here are shown the first initial values of skin surface temperature over natural area for Isba surface scheme as they are written in PREP.txt file. This field is represented on figure 3.6.

Figure 3.6: Initial surface temperature for vegetation taken from PREP.txt file

An other example shows the roof surface temperature over the working area (Toulouse city is located roughly at x=15, y=22)
Figure 3.7: Initial surface temperature for the roofs taken from PREP.txt file