9.1.3. TEB

In case of the use of several TEB patches, each of these fields names begin by Tn_ where n is the number of the current TEB patch.

  • TROOFl, WS_ROOF: roof temperatures, roof water content
  • TROADl, WS_ROAD: road temperatures, road water content
  • if CWALL_OPT=="UNIF": TWALLl: wall temperatures
  • if CWALL_OPT=="TWO ": TWALLAl, TWALLBl: A and B walls temperatures
  • T_WIN1: outdoor window temperature. Used only with CBEM="BEM", but must be initialized in all cases
  • TI_BLD, TI_ROAD: deep road temperature
  • T_CANYON, Q_CANYON: temperature and humidity of canyon air
  • if CBEM=="BEM":
    • QI_BLD: internal building specific humidity
    • T_WIN2: indoor windoor temperature
    • TFLOOl: floor temperatures
    • TMASSl: internal th. mass temperatures
    • TI_ROAD: deep road temperature
    • TCANYON: temperature of canyon air
    • QCANYON: humidity of canyon air
    • THER_PDAY: Thermal Solar Panels present day production