News in v7_2

Bertrand Decharme:

  • Rewriting of case CISBA=DIF and SGH options:
    • the initialization of DIF grid is now done through an optimized grid with 14 layers when ecoclimap is activated. The user has the possibility to define his own grid in namelist NAM_ISBA.
    • the hydrologic soil depth or number of layers is calculated or given by the user and possibly different from the temperature soil depth.
    • runoff depth is calculated from the hydrologic soil depth for DIF; dunne and horton numbers of layers are also calculated to limit certain calculations.
    • CRUNOFF=SGH is implemented for DIF
  • optimizations through intermediate variables.
  • Fix fields of PGD are now written only in PGD file.
    CAUTION: to make a run, it’s necessary to have PGD and PREP file in the run directory.
Champs fixes PGD/PREP
(Bertrand Decharme)
  • add of new hydrologic diagnostics.
  • writing of 2D netcdf output files for IGN grid.

Aaron Boone:

  • Changes in calculations of ice melt and freeze in ice_soildif.F90.

Dominique Carrer:

  • New radiative transfert for CPHOTO/=NON.
  • Representation of the nitrogen dilution functions of CO2

Eric Martin:

  • Canopy fields that are initialized not during PREP step but at first time step of run are no more written in PREP output file.
  • Land/Sea mask is used to locate missing values when they are not equal to XUNDEF in read file. For snow, WSNOW (amount of water in snow) is used as mask.

Eric Bazile / Stéphanie Faroux:

  • Forcing gradients for CISBA=TSZ0 are now givable in namelist NAM_DATA_TSZ0.
  • Numbers and times of forcing for flux and temperature are given in namelist NAM_IDEAL_FLUX with CISBA/CTEB/CSEA/CWATER=FLUX

Stéphanie Faroux:

  • netcdf forcing files can be 2D
  • adaptations to run Meso-nh with external PREP files : compatibility with separated PGD / PREP.
  • grouping of initializations for ISBA and GARDEN.
  • Rewriting of parts for DUST and SALT.
  • With HINIT=’PGD’, surface parameters are no more calculated (for Méso-nh nesting).
  • Bugs in the calculation of implicit coefficients:
    • when the vertical shift is taken into account, there is an inconsistency in dimensions for TA in ISBA (temperature mixed with theta).
    • for water and sea surfaces, implicit temperature coefficient are calculated with PS instead of PA.
  • Updating of libraries FM, LFI and XRD with versions from cycle 38.
  • Installation and compilation environments token from recent MésoNH.

Patrick Le Moigne:

  • update of FLAKE to be consistent with watflux scheme + corrections of bugs

Pierre Tulet:

  • Error on unit conversion for chemicals.

Valéry Masson:

  • To run offline 2D with 1D forcing files (very useful for testing).
  • Simplification of namelist NAM_IGN in case of a regular grid

David Barbary:

  • Possibility to read recent mercator netcdf files (with a scale factor and an offset on SST).

Trygve Aspelien:

  • Development of new surface assimilation interface SODA.
  • Adds and tests the capability to compile Surfex OFFLIN with ifort.

Mireille Tomasini:

  • In Mésonh, in zoom_pgd_surf_atm (SPAWNING step), it’s now possible not to use ECOCLIMAP in the father model, for ISBA.