Modifications between Surfex v7 and Surfex v7.1

In Surfex v7.1, many bugs were corrected following the tests realized by the Méso-NH team.

New tests cases with specific configurations were also implemented for TEB and GARDEN schemes.

Several developments were required for Méso-NH 4.9:

  • If LTREEDRAG = T in NAM_TREEDRAG, the tree drag is taken into account in the atmospheric model instead of Surfex. In this case, the Z0 forest is reduced to the Z0 grass.
  • the writting of the covers in PGD and PREP files is simplified. It has a slight impact on writing / reading routines of Surfex.
  • The PGD is parallelized. This induces the creation of several new routines notably to split the grid and sum on all processors. It also has an impact on the interpolation routines.
  • update of the writing in the .des file

Some tests were also done in AROME configuration, and lead to some corrections:

  • the missing USE MODI_... were added; the useless USE MODI_... where removed.
  • the covers characteristics are read in .bin files and no longer in mode_cover....F90 files. However, it’s still possible to read the information without these .bin files activating LREAD_DATA_COVER=T in NAM_READ_DATA_COVER.
  • lines in F77 were adapted

Surfex v7.1 was compiled on IBM and led also to little corrections.