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Known issues with CNRM-CM5 CMIP5 data

Friday 23 February 2018 by senesi

The known and documented problems with datasets are, or were :

  • 1 (not an issue) The oceanic fields do not have coordinated latitude and longitude, because the oceanic grid used by the model is a curvilinear one; this complies with CMIP5 requirements and actually implements CMIP5 recommendation regarding oceanic grids; grid vertices coordinates are included in all files
  • 2 (20010718) The grid area of CNRMCM5 (in was wrong before version 20110718
  • 3 (20111207) parent_experiment_rip is wrong for all historical experiments (including Nat, GHG, Misc, Ext), for member numbers beyond 1. The parent_experiment realization number has been set equal to the realization number of the child, while it should be equal to 1 (there is only one -common- parent experiment member, piControl r1i1p1). Thanks to J.Painter for raising the issue.
  • 4 (20111207) branch_time is wrong for all RCP experiments; it is set to 1850-01-01 while it is of course 2006-01-01. Thanks to J.Painter for raising the issue.
  • 5 (20111207) some datasets did appear in the gateways interface and datanode catalog but were not accessible
  • 6 (20111212) base time for oceanic data files is not constant over the years for piControl and all historicalXXX experiments from year 1870, and RCP runs from year 2016. However, values of time coordinates in data files are correct w.r.t. these varying references. Regarding the branch time, please refer to the summary page for branch time. Thanks to D.Pierce for raising the issue.
  • 7 (20111214) base time for SeaIce files is uniformly set to 1800-1-1, while it should be set to the date of simulation start. However, values of time coordinates in data files are correct w.r.t. this reference.
  • 8 - (withdrawn : oceanic fixed fields are now published)
  • 9 (20120201) For all CNRM-CM5 cf3hr and cfDay 3D variables on model level, surface pressure was in hPa instead of Pa. Affected versions 20111006 (cfDay : amip, aquaControl, aqua4K, aqua4xCO2) 20111010 (cfDay : amip4K) 20111012 (cfDay : amip4xCO2, amipFuture) 20111018 (cf3hr : amip)
  • 10 - ESG gateways do not show all datafiles/variables which have been published to the PCMDI gateway. Please let us know at about any data you are missing
  • 11 (20120213) scale factor error for streamfunction variables msftmyz et msftmyzba. They are overscaled by 10**6 and are not masked
  • 12 (20120301) variable sfcWind from Amon table is published as ’output2’ instead of ’output1’, due to an error in the publisher software
  • 13 (20120321) Clear-sky shortwave radiation at the surface : the breakdown of net radiation between upward and downward components is wrong over LAND for all experiments; a proxy can be computed by interested users, using the net flux (which is correct when derived from published data) and deriving:
    • the downward component as the net divided by 1 minus the all-sky (rather than clear-sky) surface albedo (i.e. the ratio between upward and downward all-sky radiation at the surface);
    • the upward component as the downward minus the net flux.
      This breakdown is only a proxy and will not be published.
  • 14 (20120402) RCP simulations - warm bias on ice sheets/shelves from 2150 : the ice sheet modeling does not include ice dynamics, and the ice sheet locations where snow mass budget is negative do end up as bare ground with a quite low albedo; there, low level warming is excessive; this applies to a varying fraction of the Greenland and Antartic extent, and this fraction becomes significant for Greenland from 2150 onwards; Antarctic ice shelves (Ronne and Ross) are also affected after 2150.
  • 15 (20120416) cfSites table data for Dome C - Antarctica (station #119) contain negative relative humidity values ; they are due to very low specific humidity values which are transformed to very low negative values, at a compression/decompression stage in the processing suite. This data will not be corrected. Please apply a lower threshold of 0 % relative humidity when using the data.
  • 16 (20120510) Description of forcings in metadata is ambiguous with respect to ozone : ozone is never quoted as an externally varying forcing, while actually, whenever chlorine concentration evolves, this has a direct impact on ozone concentration, because chlorine is an input of the our ozone prognostic scheme; so, for each simulation with ’GHG’ quoted in forcing metadata, one could read ’SO, TO’ as well.
  • 17 (20120616) The version of NEMO (ocean model) in the metadata is misleading : it is labeled as NEMO3.3v10.6.6P but is based on NEMO release V3.2
  • 18 (201308) : areacella was too low by a factor of 100 for all experiments for versions before 20130826.
  • 19 (201401) : Fixed fields publication version 20130826 show to issues :
    • Only atmos field should have been republished, because only areacella was actually changed
    • orog field for lgm is wrong; version 20140201 of atmos fields fixes that.
  • 20 (201402) : Error in the time coordinate for the six hourly atmos data (6 hrLev) of the rcp45 simulations (affected version 20121001). Version 20140226 fixes this issue.
  • 21 (20140528) branch_time is wrong for historical experiment of CNRM-CM5-2. It is reported as 1850-01-01, in version 20130401 of the relevant datasets, while it actually is 1960-01-01.
  • 22 (20141106) Variable wfo (water flux into the ocean) is positive upward, which is not fully consistent with the variable description
  • 23 (20141106) : averaged or cumulative variables, as e.g. precipitation, have wrong time values : they are time-stamped with the time for the end of the accumulation period rather than the middle of the period
  • 24 (20141107) Variables hfyba and hfydiff are erroneous in all CNRM-CM5.1 and CNRM-CM5.2 simulations, they should not be used. Variable hfy is erroneous but can be corrected off-line. The error is mainly important near the Equator where the ratio of the grid cell isizes n X and Y directions is far from 1. Here is the netcdf file of the correction factor to apply on the hfy filed stored on ESG servers
  • 25 (20150115) The period 2006-2012 is not entirely covered in all members of historicalExt daily atmospherical simulations (affected version 20121001). The version 20141217 fixes this issue for all members of historicalExt simulations
  • 26 (20150204) All CNRM-CM5 (except AMIP) and CNRM-CM5-2 variable tsl (temperature of soil) from Lmon table are erroneous : please substract 273.15 before using the data
  • 27 (20160216) Variable ta from Amon table for members r8 (1850-1899 period) and r3 (1900-1949 period) of historicalGHG simulations are corrupted for first month and first level of pressure for part of the model domain (30N-65N)
  • 28 (20170224) Latitude and longitude for variables uo and vo from Omon table for all members of historical simulations (v20130101) are erroneous.Values are reported on the T grid. U values actually apply to a location which is half a mesh farther east (and resp. V values to a location which is half a mesh farther north)
  • 29 (20170821) Time axis is corrupted in the file (version 20130101) of CNRM5 simulation. The time values are random at indices 119-1382, even holding negative values at times (simple issue of renumbering the time axis).
  • 30 (20180223) An error has been detected in some files of the member r1i1p1 of historical simulation of the CNRM-CM5 CMIP5 model. The atmosphere data at the 6-hourly frequency on the model level (6hLev) for the variables ps, ta, ua, va, hus do not come for the member r1i1p1. We therefore advise not to use them. For more details, please read the attached file

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