ALATNET Final Report

This is the electronic version of the final report send to the Commission according to the reporting guidelines.

Part A : Research results

  • Scientific Highlightss
  • Joint Publications and Patents
  • Part B : Comparison with the Joint Programme of Work

  • Research Objectives
  • Research method
  • Research achievements of the project
  • Work Plan
  • Organisation and management
  • Training overview
  • Difficulties, industry connections and recommendations
  • Acronyms and abreviations

    Young Researchers' final reports

  • The ALATNET co-ordinator and scientists in charge also sent to the Commission the so-called "Co-ordinators and Scientists in charge Questionnaire (Annex C)
  • The 12 former ALATNET Young Researchers also sent the Young Researcher' Questionnaire.
  • Paper copies of ALATNET Newsletters and ALATNET publications were also sent.

    Cost Statements

  • The forms of the costs statments (see also the guidelines concerning allowable costs and costs statements were send for the 4th ALATNET year and the whole period.

    Data base report

  • Final data base report as published on the European Commission website.