6.3.1. Namelist NAM_WATFLUXn

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
CINTERPOL_TS string of 6 characters 'LINEAR', 'UNIF', 'QUADRA', 'NONE ' 'NONE '
CWAT_ALB string of 4 characters 'UNIF', 'TA96' 'UNIF'

  • CWAT_ALB: type of formulation used to set albedo over water
  • CINTERPOL_TS: interpolate monthly TS to daily TS
    • LINEAR : Linear interpolation between 3 month.Current value is reached evry 16 of each month, except in February every 15.
    • UNIF: uniform TS
    • QUADRA : uadractic interpolation between 3 month, especially relevant to conserv the TS monthly mean value.