How to compile a version of SURFEX previous than 7_2 on Linux Mageia?

It’s not possible to compile versions of Surfex previous than 7_2 directly on Linux Mageia.

Here, we explain adaptations to be done to compile such old versions.

  1. First, verify that names of directories where you want to install Surfex don’t contain dots.
    Example: if the name of the directory is /home/toto/SURFEX/EXPORT_v6.1, rename it in: /home/toto/SURFEX/EXPORT_v6_1.
    !!! Don’t forget then to initialize SURFEX_EXPORT with the new name, and launch profile_surfex as usual, once SURFEX_EXPORT is well initialized.
  2. Secondly, replace following files in directory src by these given here:
    1. Makefile
  3. Third and last, go into directory bin and replace the following files by these given here:
    1. spll
    2. spl
      Don’t forget then to type in bin directory :
    3. chmod +x spl
    4. chmod +x spll

After these three steps are done, you can launch install_surfex as usual.