Abstract : 1C.5
Temperature comparison between some Alpine dolines in winter time

Gregor Vertaènik, Iztok Sinjur, Matej Ogrin
Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia

Researches of extreme temperature minima in Alpine dolines of Switzerland, Germany and Austria indicate extreme temperatures in these concave relief shapes under certain atmospheric conditions. In the past two years, systematical measurements have been done also in Slovenian and Italian Alpine dolines where similar extreme temperatures occur. However, analytical comparison between the dolines, have not been done so far. The article shows temperature comparison between Alpine dolines Planina Govnjaè and Mrzla Komna (SI), Glattalp (CH), Funtensee (D), Grünloch (A) and Lago di Fosses (I). The comparison is concentrated on cold events in the last two winter seasons, when appropriate conditions for extreme temperature minima appeared in the entire Alpine region.