Abstract : 2D.10
The project FORALPS: contributions for a wise management of water resources from meteorology and climatology

Dino Zardi, Alessio Pasetto, Stefano Serafin
University of Trento, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Trento is the Lead Partner of the Interreg Project FORALPS (Meteo-hydrological Forecast and Observations for improved water resource management in the ALPS) approved in the framework of Interreg IIIB “Alpine Space” Funding Programme and lasting 3 years (2005-2007).

The project improves and integrates instruments to support the management of environmental resources in alpine areas, in particular water. This goal is achieved by adopting innovative techniques for monitoring and reconstructing the time evolution of meteo-hydrological processes. The competence areas of the partners cover uniformly the central-eastern Alps (indeed partners are from Italy, Austria and Slovenia), where the territories of various countries and regions intertwine, thus requiring a transnational and interregional approach to issues faced by the project. Climatic databases of variables relevant for water resources availability are being collected and analyzed. Pilot activities at selected target areas are being performed, such as the use of micro-radars and numerical modeling of meteorological and rainfall-runoff processes. The above actions are preliminary to operational activities. An evaluation on some specific case studies is being performed, to verify till what extent improved meteo-hydrological information stimulates the adoption of best practices of planning and sustainable use of water resources.

The project mainly aims at creating a network involving researchers in the fields of meteorology, climatology and hydrology, capable then to transfer the acquired knowledge to local authorities, decision makers, stakeholders and end users.