Abstract : 3K.2
Review of old special icing measurements and some new icing activities in the mountainous regions of Bulgaria

Dimitar Nikolov, Emil Moraliyski
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology

The initial icing observations in Bulgaria started in 1949 in some mountainous stations. The ice measurement device was a couple of perpendicular conductors with diameter of 5mm located in the directions N-S and E-W. Later at peak Cherni vrach (2286 m) additional special measurements of the rime-icing on plastic and metal cylinders with different diameters were carried out. Data about the meteorological conditions during the icing events and the final ice depositions have been collected but these data have not been analyzed until now.

In this paper the results from our analysis of the available information will be presented and compare with results from our rime-icing model.

The recent activities, which are currently carried out in Bulgaria in the frame of the COST 727 project “Measuring and forecasting atmospheric icing on structures”, will be also presented.