Abstract : 2G.9
Differences in the dynamics and structure of the Northern and Southern Adriatic Severe Bora

Kristian Horvath, Branka IvančAn-Picek, Stjepan Ivatek-Sahdan, Vanda Grubisic
Meteorological and Hydrological Service

Most of the Bora research to date has been focused on the dynamics and structure of severe Bora in the northern Adriatic. Significantly less studied is the Bora in the southern Adriatic, where the Dinaric Alps are higher and broader and the upwind Bora layer is generally less well defined. Statistical analysis and observations show that a severe Bora with maximum gusts >40 m/s can occur in all parts of the Adriatic, but its duration and frequency decrease from north to south.

The primary aim of this study is to identify main differences in the dynamics and structure of the Bora flow over the northern and southern part of the eastern Adriatic shore based on a comparative analysis of the evolution and structure of two severe Bora events, one “northern” and one “southern” event. The “northern” event is the well-documented MAP IOP15 case from 7-8 November 1999. The “southern” event is the 6-7 May 2005 Bora, which from the outset in the northern Adriatic gradually spread southward and was significantly stronger in the southern Adriatic, causing a significant amount of infrastructural damage there.