Abstract : 1C.8
A study on the foehn in Piedmont, Italy

Claudio Cassardo, Simona Fratianni, Roberto Cremonini, Barbara Cagnazzi
Department of General Physics "Amedeo Avogadro" - University of Turin

An analysis of the yearly, seasonal and monthly frequency of North and North-West foehn in Piedmont (Italy) has been carried out considering some stations located in the Northern (Ossola Valley) and in the North-Western (Susa Valley) part of the region. The selection has been performed and adopting synoptic mesoscale and punctual recognition criteria. The results show a gradual reduction of foehn frequency with the increase of the distance from the alpine watershed, but a significant occurrence was observed also in the low plain. The monthly and seasonal distribution of foehn episodes and the correlations with synoptic configurations have been investigated. Finally, a detailed analysis has been carried out on the foehn event of December 18th 2004,. selected as case study representative of the analyses.