Abstract : 1B.3
Idealized modeling study of pollution transport over Alpine terrain: preliminary results and future perspectives

Manuela Lehner, Alexander Gohm
Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, University of Innsbruck

The objective is to investigate the effects of valley and slope winds on the transport of pollutants in an idealized valley. This modeling study is connected to the research project INNAP, an aerosol lidar measurement campaign which took place in the Inn Valley (Austria) during winter 2007. We use the mesoscale numerical model RAMS coupled with the particle transport model HYPACT in order to perform 2D simulations with an initially stagnant atmosphere and high particle concentrations near the surface. In such a setup, slope winds, which may develop during daytime as a result of solar heating, will modify the initial particle distribution. This study is the first step towards a more realistic 3D setup with different valley geometries, particle distributions, and emission sources. We will examine the response of wind regimes and the associated dispersion of particles to varying meteorological and surface conditions.