Abstract : 2D.2
Three-dimensional wind fields in the Sierra Nevada obtained by lidar measurements

Susanne Drechsel, Michel Chong, Georg J. Mayr
Department of Meteorology and Geophysics, University of Innsbruck

A setup of two lidars during the international Terrain-induced Rotor EXperiment in the Sierra Nevada, California in 2006, provided first-ever dual Doppler lidar wind measurements over complex terrain. While multiple-Doppler analysis techniques are well established for Doppler radar to estimate 3-D wind fields, they are missing for Doppler lidar. We present the first results of the adaptation of the iterative (nonsimultaneous) solution of Cartesian dual-Doppler analysis technique, as proposed by Bousquet and Chong for weather radar. Their formalism contains a mass continuity equation to derive the third wind component. As the flux-form of the algorithm eliminates the need to explicitly evaluate the vertical velocity associated with the slope wind at the surface, it can be used over complex terrain.

This unique 3-D flow field observed over a relatively small area is verified with soundings and wind profilers. An example of a channeled flow will be shown.