Abstract : 3N.2
An innovative data quality control module for high resolution real time analysis

Benedikt Bica, Barbara Chimani, Dieter Mayer, Reinhold Steinacker
Department of Meteorology, University of Vienna

An innovative data quality control module for high resolution real-time analysis is presented.

The method is based on a variational interpolation approach, making explicit use of a cost function in order to minimise the curvature of the considered meteorological fields.

Steep gradients that are detected in station data are removed prior to the use of the method.

Inverse distance interpolation is then used to calculate the second order derivatives on an irregularly distributed grid. Instead of correcting each station separately, the neighbouring stations are checked together with a central station. In this context, the neighbouring stations are determined by using spherical triangulation.

As each station is used in several correction steps, there are also several suggestions for correction on hand. The selection of the optimum combination of these corrections turned out to be essential for the quality of the corrected value.

The method has been developed in 2D-4D for the VERA (Vienna Enhanced Resolution Analysis) method but it can easily be used for any other analysis algorithm as well.

The proposed poster will present an overview of the methodology and it will further show some preliminary results.