Abstract : 3N.6
Testing and using Grid technology for high resolution alpine precipitation simulations

Felix Schüller, Georg J. Mayr, Jun Qin
IMGI, University of Innsbruck

Project MeteoAG, a cooperation between the Distributed and Parallel Systems Group (DPS)and the Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics (IMGI) in Innsbruck, is establishing a workflow for meteorological simulations with the numerical model RAMS, which can be used within a Grid environment. The goal is to build a very high resolution heavy preciptiation reanalysis database over the mountainous western part of Austria.

The meteorological setup uses five nested grids to zoom down to the Arlberg Region with the highest being 500~m in the smallest domain. Data from ECMWF is used to initialize the simulations.

As the Grid idea is an upcoming technology, not much experience is yet available.

Therefore a quality checking of the hardware itself is done using idealized mountain flows. Results from a linear hydrostatic mountain testcase reveal substantial differences in the meteorological results which are solely base on different hardware.