Abstract : 1A.8
Numerical simulations of severe sirocco events at Sarajevo International Airport

Lada Gabela, Zvjezdana Bencetić Klaić, Danijel Belusić
Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications, Federal Civil Aviation Directorate

During the strong or severe sirocco episodes, pilots at Sarajevo International Airport often report significant turbulence, which causes problems particularly during the landing procedure. Moreover, these episodes are accompanied with the strong wind-gusts measured at two airport locations. In this study we investigate several such episodes that occurred during 22 November 6 December 2005. Numerical simulations of selected sirocco episodes were performed by the mesoscale model MM5 at the horizontal resolution of 1 km. In the analysis of model results particular emphasis is given to the occurence of the topographically induced potential vorticity (PV) banners, and to the role of the nearby mountain Igman in their formation.