Abstract : O.5
Multi-variable analysis of 200 years of climate variability and change in the greater Alpine region

Michele Brunetti, Gianluca Lentini, Maurizio Maugeri, Teresa Nanni, Ingeborg Auer, Reinhard Boehm, Wolfgang Schoener

HISTALP, a large dataset consisting of monthly quality controlled and homogenised secular records for the “Greater Alpine Region” (GAR, 4-19 deg E, 43-49 deg N, 0-3500m asl), has been set up within the last 10 years in the frame of a number of projects coordinated by the Austrian Meteorological Central Office. It encompasses 242 sites and concerns temperature, pressure, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, vapour pressure and relative humidity. The climate information in HISTALP is not only stored in station-mode, but also by means of gridded data and Coarse Resolution Subregional Mean series (CRSMs), that are available at monthly, seasonal and yearly resolution.

Our research aims to analyse the HISTALP database giving a comprehensive picture of secular climate variability and change in the GAR, by means of the analysis of a wide range of relevant meteorological parameters. The simultaneous analysis of such different variables is significant for better investigating the atmospheric processes which modulate and trigger the variability and trends shown by single meteorological parameters and for understanding the mutual interactions linking the different variables. Moreover the availability of a multi-elemental database allows to verify the consistency between the behaviour of the different variables, permitting to increase the confidence in the results of the analyses.

Our presentation will show some preliminary results of such research and will discuss the problems and the potentialities of the analysis of wide multi-variable secular datasets as the HISTALP one.