Abstract : A.1
Mountain meteorology and the International Polar Year

Haraldur Ólafsson
Bergen School of Meteorology, Geophysical Inst. University of Bergen and University of Iceland

The International Polar Year (IPY) is an international effort in research of the polar regions of the earth. Research within the IPY includes projects of a wide spectrum within both natural and social sciences. Several research groups have announced an interest and plans to carry out projects that are within the domain of weather and climate and some of the relevant questions are associated with flows in the vicinity of mountains.

A review of plans of mouintain-flow related research projects in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic will be given, including field experiments such as The Greenland flow distortion project, Greenex/Thorpex, Off-Green, Greenland Jets, observations around Spitzbergen, in the Barents Sea and FLOHOF in Iceland. The research questions range from fine scale stable flows around individual mountain peaks to large-scale perturbations, their development and propagation and features ranging from time scales of wind gusts to long-term climate change.