Abstract : 3K.13
The simulation over Alpine region using a regional climate model with sub-scale surface scheme

Imran Nadeem, Herbert Formayer
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

The main objective of this research is to investigate the effect of a very high resolution(1 km) Subgrid-Scale Topography and Land Use Scheme (Sub-BATs) on the surface temperature, moisture and surface energy fluxes over the Alps. The development and implementation of sub-grid scheme (Giorgi et al 2003) in the framework of Regional Climate Model (RegCM3) could improve the ability of the model to reproduce regional aspects of the surface climate for regions with complex topography. Two types of simulation are compared: the default that use BATS surface scheme and the sub-BATS scheme where the near surface variables (air temperature, water vapor and precipitation) are disaggregated from coarse grid to fine grid. The effect of sub-BATS scheme on the surface temperature and energy budget is mainly caused by more realistic simulation of snow cover due to a better representation of topography.

Acknowledgment: This work is financially supported by the CECILIA Project and through a scholarship of the first author by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.