Abstract : 1C.21
Regional climatic scenarios for slovak mountain region based on three global GCMs

Marián Melo
Comenius Univerzity Bratislava

The aim of this contribution is to prepare climate change scenarios in form of time series of air temperature and precipitation amount for Liptovský Hrádok in 21st century based on three global climate model outputs. Liptovský Hrádok lies at the SW foot of the High Tatras Mts. (640 m a.s.l.). This station is representative station for Liptov basin (mountain region in Slovakia) and it ranks among the best meteorological stations in Slovakia with sufficiently long and good-quality observations (1881-2006). In this contribution model data from the next three different global coupled (atmosphere-ocean) general circulation models (GCMs) are utilized: model data from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York (GISS 1998 model), from the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis in Victoria, B.C. (cgcm2 model) and from the Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter, UK (HadCM3 model). Statistical method for downscaling of global GCMs outputs to the regional level is used.